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Press Release: Women in Listed Derivatives Announces New Board of Directors & Executive Committee

Vian Tormis
CHICAGO – January 31, 2016 Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD), an organization which promotes career advancement and professional relationship-building among women in the OTC & Listed Derivatives Industry through social and educational events and whose mission it is to highlight and learn from industry role models, encourage career development and support the advancement of women in OTC & Listed Derivatives; announced today new additions to it’s board of directors and its 2016 executive committee.

The North American chapter of WILD announced Carole Bovard, Marisa Coleman, Stephanie Haas & Leslie Sutphen to fill four open board seats. They join sitting board members Corey Bazley, Nancy Kaplan, Jennifer O’Rourke, Diane Saucier & Lisa Sterba.

Full Bios The 2016 Board of Directors will oversee events, membership, mentorship programs and charitable activities as well as look for new ways to promote the advancement of women in the industry.

Additionally, the following directors were elected by the board to serve on the WILD Executive Committee:

Diane Saucier, President
Leslie Sutphen, Vice President
Jennifer M. O’Rourke, Secretary
Marisa Coleman, Treasurer

WILD began informally in 2009 and first established its board in 2012. Board members serve two-year terms on a staggered basis.

Any women currently participating in the derivatives industry are encouraged to apply for membership at